A photographer and storyteller sharing the joys of finding beauty and living joyfully. 
Wall art, cards & inspiration.

My Notes From is Lara's gallery in Tenterfield - a place where she celebrates her love of the beautiful world in which she lives.

My Notes From is Lara's blog where she writes about finding beauty, living joyfully and everything that that entails. 

The place that she calls home is Tenterfield, a small country town located just south of the NSW-QLD border.

When not in Tenterfield she can be found roaming Australia in her vintage van or escaping the Australian summers and spending winters in Italy - before Covid anyway!

Lara is a photographer and storyteller. She is passionate about living an intentional life with less so that she can focus on her two passions which are photography and storytelling.

Lara is obsessed with bringing joy, beauty & hope to people's lives in a time when it appears to be all too easy to focus on the negative aspects of life.