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I am Lara. 

A photographer whose children tell me constantly that my favourite child is my camera. 

A mother to twins Archie and Rissie. Archie is my wise old man and Rissie is my fairy child.

Both fill my heart with joy.

Kevin the Koolie and Rosie the Koolie-Collie Cross complete our little tribe.

I am also the Little Tenterfield Shopkeeper.

When I am not out on photo shoots or travelling with my tribe, you can find me in my small shop, gallery & studio - My Notes From Gallery & Store in Tenterfield, NSW.

Here, I love sharing moments of beauty, hope, joy, and inspiration.

My photos of the world in which I live, of the people I share it with, and of my place in this world are my most prized possessions. 

I love to capture these moments for my clients, so they too can forever remember, cherish and celebrate their place in this world. 

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