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This is your final year of secondary schooling and it is a year filled with milestones and moments that should be documented and celebrated.

Being a Class of '23 VIP is a way to participate in a series of personalised mini-photos shoots

throughout your final senior year, 

culminating in a special, styled VIP group photo shoot.

In 2023 VIP Membership will be limited to 10 students from the Tenterfield and Granite Belt region.

As a VIP, you will have access to all images that are shared by Lara

on the social media channels of @mynotesfrom following your individual photo shoots.

At the end of the year following your final photo shoot, you will have an in-studio appointment

to view your 2023 slide show gallery.  Here, you will decide which photo collection

you want to purchase when you see your fully edited photos

during your in-studio appointment. Please note that you only purchase what you love.

Print collections start at $1,500. 

All prints purchased include the high resolution digital image.

Payment plans are available.



This fee includes:

An initial consultation meeting where we will discuss your shoot dates, styling, types of images desired and address any questions you have.

4 x mini photo shoots including:

  • Your first shoot at Lara's studio in Tenterfield, incorporating the "I am project"

  • 1 spring outdoor shoot

  • 1 shoot at a historic or urban location

  • Formal/Graduation portraiture shoot

A VIP styled group photo shoot

Your final in-studio viewing appointment.


The VIP experience is limited to a certain number of students each year.
To be selected as a VIP, you will need to complete an application form that is signed by a parent or legal guardian.
In 2023, the VIP experience will be limited to 10 students only.

If you are successful in your application, you will need to agree to the following requirements:

  • Be willing to have fun, to celebrate what makes you 'you" and to be open to working with Lara to indvidualise your photo shoots to embrace what is special to you.

  • Be able to travel to Tenterfield

  • Be able to commit to 4 shoot dates including a studio shoot which will incorporate the "I am project.", a spring outdoor shoot, a second outdoor in a historic or urban location and a formal / graduation portrait mini shoot.

  • Be able to commit to a VIP styled photo shoot at Lara's studio

  • Be able to commit to your in-studio viewing appointment with your parents / legal guardians at Lara's studio

  • Agree to your images being shared on the social media channels of @mynotesfrom and used on the website of My Notes From.

  • Agree to share any images that are posted during your time as a VIP on your own channels with any shared images being tagged and credited to Lara Flanagan / My Notes From

  • Be a brand ambassador for My Notes From Photography in terms of positive messaging

0489 927 845

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