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Class of '24 VIP

Being a Class of ’24 VIP is a way of celebrating and documenting the special milestones of your senior year with a series of legacy images that will be treasured forever.

In 2024, VIP Membership will be limited to 6 students from the

Tenterfield and Granite Belt region. ​As a VIP, you will have access to all images that are shared by Lara throughout the year on the social media channels of @mynotesfrom following your ongoing photo shoots. At the end of the year, following your final photo shoot, you will receive an online image gallery containing the best 100 shots from the year. 

Portrait of a teenage girl

Class of '24 VIP

The VIP Experience Fee: $500

The VIP Experience will begin with an initial consultation meeting in January where we will discuss your shoot dates, styling, types of images desired and address any questions you have.

Throughout the year you will be involved with 4 x mini photo shoots including:

·        Your first shoot at Lara's studio in Tenterfield at the beginning of the year

·        1 spring outdoor shoot

·        1 shoot at a historic or urban location

·        A Formal/Graduation portrait shoot


The year will end with a VIP-styled group photo shoot in Lara's studio.

To apply to be a 'Class of '24 VIP, contact Lara on 0489 927 845 or


Please note to be a Class of '24 VIP, participants must be willing to commit to the listed photo shoots and

be happy with their images being shared on the website and social media channels of

My Notes From Gallery, Studio & Store. throughout the year.  

Commemorate your final year of High School with
a year-long series of photo shoots that will result
in a beautiful gallery of legacy images.

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