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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Lara has always been obsessed with food, but her journey into the plant-based world began with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in early 2013. That journey ignited an obsession with food that not only keeps you healthy but tastes delicious as well. She moved to Tenterfield in 2012 and has an overwhelming love for this region. In the last five years, Lara has dedicated herself to the pursuit of plant-based recipes that are delicious enough to please anybody, regardless of whether they are vegan or not!

She is a full-time freelancer who creates recipes for restaurants and websites. Her blog My Notes from New England is all about plant-based living and embracing a slow country life. She recently completed 10 months of study with the American based Plantlab Culinary and her studies included Raw Cuisine, Plant-based desserts and Culinary Nutrition.

She believes in living well, embracing the simple things and starting the day with something beautiful. Slow food & a slow life make moments more beautiful; she aims to make her days filled with a beauty that is more a golden haze than a harsh mobile fluorescence.

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