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An audience with Sara Haddad

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When the 7th October occurred I was appalled. I associated Hamas with terror. But I didn’t think too much about it. It was beyond my understanding. It was a mess over there. It had little to do with me.

Then earlier this year my aunt gave me a copy of Clementine Ford’s book called “I Don’t.” I followed her on social media expecting her content to be about her feminist writings, but her social media feed was filled with an eloquent rage about Palestine.

What has happened since has shifted my world on its axis. By the time the Met Gala was happening, Israel was bombing Rafah. I started to cry and I could not stop.

The last few months have been a reminder that being ignorant or silent is as bad as pulling the trigger and I am guilty of ignorance and silence. I would not be able to forgive myself for being on the wrong side of history and what is happening now in Palestine could well be a tipping point for our world.

A little while ago I ordered Sunbird by Sara Haddad. Sara is an Australian author and Sunbird is her first book providing insights into the Palestinian experience.

I followed Sara on social media. She followed me back and we have had some short conversations since. Last week Sara said she would love to participate in the Your Face, Your Story Project. I was so touched that Sara could contemplate coming all the way from Sydney to do this, especially as she is in the middle of a book launch.

I thought if Sara was here, it would be lovely to host an evening with Sara at My Notes From. A chance for people to receive a signed copy of her book, hear some readings from her book, and hear Sara’s insights and conversations about the Palestinian experience.

In the space of 24 hours, Sara and I have come up with a date and the details are as follows:

An audience with Sara Haddad

Thursday 20th June at My Notes From Gallery, Studio, & Store

Ticket price of $65 per person includes a signed copy of Sara’s book, light refreshments, an audience with Sara and a donation to Sara’s chosen charity, the Olive Kids; an Australian foundation dedicated to support the children of Palestine.

For tickets head to:

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