• Lara Flanagan

An Aussie Lullaby

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Sweet dreams little darlings, now close your eyes,

all the maggie magpies have left the skies.

High above, the milky way shines so bright,

dingo pups doze in caves, bathed in light.

Sleep tight my children, off to la-la land,

by moonlight, quokka joeys play on sand.

As the sun sets, emu chicks lie down low,

all night long, the moon lady’s light will glow.

Now close your eyes, go and see the world,

little owlets take flight with wings unfurled.

Koala joeys at night chew on leaves,

a platypus puggle, through water weaves.

Curl up tight, knowing you are safe in bed,

quoll pups crawl from logs, waiting to be fed.

In warm pouches, kangaroo joeys sleep,

and dolphin calves over breaking waves leap.

I hope you dream of magic all night long,

while kookaburra chicks learn a laughing song.

Now as a wombat joey in his burrow lies,

sweet dreams little darlings, and close your eyes.

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