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Ann, celebrating 53 fabulous years

Zoom portrait of a woman

Ann, celebrating 53 fabulous years with The Your Face, Your Story Project.

I had a lovely time catching up with Ann yesterday on Zoom. Ann is travelling from the Gold Coast to Tenterfield to take part in this project. It was very exciting to talk with her as we used to work together around 3 decades ago when we were suited and booted and very important members of the Sales & Marketing Department of Conrad Jupiters on the Gold Coast. It brought back memories of Friday night drinks at the Prince Albert – always the highlight of the working week and where so much more work got done than in our very long Sales & Marketing Meetings!!!

Ann will be travelling to Tenterfield with another lovely lady I used to work with, possibly with husbands in tow for golfing whilst the women enjoy their photo shoot!

I asked Ann what she looks forward to most in the years ahead and she replied, “Resting in my own power and wisdom. Authentically living the true Ann. Also enjoying my grandkids and watching my teenagers become adults and go and live their own lives.”

I absolutely love those words – Resting in my own power and wisdom. They gave me goosebumps and are exactly what this project is all about.

I also asked Ann why she wanted to get involved in the Your Face, Your Story Project as I am truly touched that so many of the women in this project are travelling from a long way away to do this. Her response was, “I have been following along at home and just knew I would regret it if I didn’t.”

Finally, I asked Ann what the project meant to her and she told me that the Your Face, Your Story Project is giving her the ability to see herself through a different lens and was letting a little part of her story be shared, as everyone has a story.

Such beautiful words that sum up why this project is so important to me.

The Your Face, Your Story Project is my own personal little revolution. It is a project that is all about celebrating the lives of women over 40 and challenging the stereotypes of women and ageing.

Please note the 2024 Your Face, Your Story Project is now full and I look forward to sharing the faces and stories of 40 incredible women over 40 in the coming months.

To register for the 2025 project simply email me at or head to my website for further information:

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