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Belinda, a Water Warrior

Portrait of a lady

Belinda, a Water Warrior


In Belinda’s words:


“I moved to the area 36 years ago from the coast of NSW. I have always loved swimming and exercising. I live one hour out of town. After taking my swimmers to town with me, on my weekly grocery shopping trip, but not going for a swim, because it was either too hot or too cold, I saw a story about Metaqua and thought that this might be just what I was looking for.


Having known Amanda previously I had no hesitation in contacting her and putting my name down for a Metaqua lesson. I really enjoyed the training session and have been attending Metaqua weekly this year. I like that you can go at your own pace and Amanda is there in the pool with you to correct any exercise you are doing incorrectly. You can feel your muscles working hard while you are in the water, but they aren’t sore when you get out.


There is time for a smile or a quick “hello” as you pass the others going up and down in the pool. Although Amanda challenges you to do more laps than you did last week, you also challenge yourself to keep up with the others. I have found Metaqua to be very relaxing as well as a good exercise for my body.


About the same time that I saw Metaqua described, I saw the post about the Casual

Kayaking Crew. I enjoy kayaking in the river on my farm, but most of the time there isn’t a lot of water for a long paddle. I went along on the first Tuesday and really enjoyed it. I’ve been on the two weekend paddles and on each occasion have spent two hours paddling and chatting to someone that I didn’t know previously. I have enjoyed discovering Storm King Dam and look forward to discovering other dams in the area. It has been great to pick up kayaking tips and techniques as well as increase the distance that I can paddle.


Both Metaqua and the Casual Kayaking Crew are great exercise, relaxing and socially stimulating. I have found Amanda to be a very positive and encouraging person to be around.”


The Water Warrior Project is a joint project of inspiration between Amanda, Metaqua Instructor from @swimminginthefield, and myself.

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