• Lara Flanagan

Brave enough to be weak

Sometimes I think we live in a very strange world coloured by artistic filters and filled with carefully curated selfies. Life has changed so much, but there are some things that remain the same.

Many of us have a public persona that possibly does not reflect what is going on within. When a shop assistant or someone I don't know very well asks me how I am, I still say, I am great thank you, even when I am not. So possibly life has not changed that much despite the phones and social media.

What I do know though is that the people I keep in my life, just like the people I follow online because they make my heart happy are those who are brave. And bravery doesn't have to wear a cape, it just has to say, not today matey, but tomorrow I will try again. Bravery is the stuff of story tales, legends, and whisper-quiet inspiration.

It is only when you are

brave enough to be weak

that you will truly be strong.

But then you will have

the freedom

to dance your own dance,

write your own story

and sing your own song.

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