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Candied Nut Cake Topping

One of my favourite all-time cake recipes is my carrot cake with an olive oil icing. It is divine, like a warm hug in a mouthful of memories is divine. It has been a closely guarded secret, but it is now available in my latest My Sister’s Table eBook – the sweetness of life. So if you want the recipe, head to this link.

But I wanted to share with you this absolutely incredible sweet nut crumb topping. You can add it to any cake. It makes the most simple, naked cake look amazing. It is also the sort of topping that is so moreish that you will eat the topping before you eat the cake.

Candied Nut Topping

This quantity makes enough for more than a few cakes, depending how generously you want to dress your cake. Keep in an air-tight container, save for another cake, use on cereal, or just eat as is!

2 cups caster sugar

2 cups raw cashew nuts

1 cup raw walnuts


1. Prepare a baking tray with either a silicon mat or baking paper.

2. Have two forks ready.

3. Pour sugar into a saucepan and heat over a medium heat.

4. Stir with a wooden spoon as sugar begins to melt.

5. Keep stirring, allowing lumps to dissolve until sugar is an amber syrup.

6. As soon as sugar has become a lump-free amber syrup pour in the nuts.

7. Stir to ensure all nuts are coated.

8. Spread the mixture onto prepared tray and separate with two forks.

9. Sprinkle the nuts with salt.

10. Allow to cool completely.

11. Break sugared pieces and place in a processor.

12. Process into a rough crumb.

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