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Day 16 - 360 days

Day 16 – Tuesday 19th January 2021

Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 66.8 kg was my weight the last time I weighed myself which is 4 kilos lost. I currently don’t have access to scales so the next weigh in will be when I return home.

Calories: Today was the second day since I started my 360 days project when I was over 1200 calories. Probably looking at about 1500 calories. I refuse to worry about my weight and calories when having a break with the kids though I am not exactly going crazy!

Alcohol: none (day 16 of 16) – yes, I have remained strong even though I am on holidays – bring it on day 360!

Exercise: 90-minute walk. 30-minute walk.

We have had another lovely day today when I experienced a little ‘il dolce far niente’. Il dolce far niente is one of my favourite Italian sayings – the sweetness of doing nothing. We were up at dawn for a long beach walk which was pure magic. I came back for a tiny bit of work and then it was a café breakfast which is our daily holiday treat. After breakfast, we returned to the beach for another couple of hours and then returned to Tiney-Boppa for the most delicious afternoon snooze. Falling asleep during the day is the most decadent sleep and it was pure bliss to lie there and forget about work, my camera, my phone and if there were any emails I needed to address.

In the afternoon we hit the beach again before returning to the van before the biggest evening storm hit. The dogs quivered inside while I cooked dinner and then the kids and I played canasta for a few hours. I am now pleasantly weary and looking forward to dreaming in my little van bed and listening to the rain on the van roof.

So much stuff.

A 360-days musing......

While wandering around the caravan park to and from the beach or the toilets I am totally blown away by how much stuff people have. Not only do they have the most high-tech caravans that resemble houses on wheels, but they also seem to have brought with them trailer loads of accessories. There are annexes, endless chairs, huge trestle tables, outdoor kitchens, plasma televisions, pool tables (wtf?), bikes, scooters, blow up inflatables, gymnasium equipment, and treadmills.

Most of it seems excessive to me. But the gymnasium equipment and treadmill are what got me the most. We are on one of the most glorious stretches of beach I have ever seen. This morning I walked for 90 minutes and I think I came across 2 other people. The sunrise was spectacular, the temperature was perfect, and the water was glorious. If you want to walk or run, you don’t need any other machine apart from your own two legs. As for gymnasium equipment, why on earth would you prefer to be on a concrete slab pumping iron when you could be doing resistance training in the waves or on the sand dunes?

Maybe people have an aversion to simplicity or nature or using what was given to us by God, nature, or whatever deity you believe in. We don’t need all this stuff, so why do we keep buying it?

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