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Day 17 - 360 days

Day 17 – Wednesday 20th January 2021

Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 66.8 kg was my weight the last time I weighed myself which is 4 kilos lost. I currently don’t have access to scales so the next weigh-in will be when I return home.

Calories: Today was the third day since I started my 360 days project when I was over 1200 calories. Probably looking at about 200 calories. I refuse to worry about my weight and calories when having a break with the kids especially when we walked for over four hours now!

Alcohol: none (day 17 of 17) – yes, I have remained strong even though I am on holidays – bring it on day 360!

Exercise: 90-minute walk. 215-minute walk.

Our final day today before we head home tomorrow. We have only been away for 3 nights, but it has felt much longer and very much a wonderful gift. The weather was grey, windy, and at times stormy today. This afternoon we walked to Red Rock Beach which took us longer than I thought it would. On the way back I was almost on the verge of getting stressed as it was late and stormy but instead, I shook off the anxiety and went with it. It was a wild and woolly gift to be on the beach for another 2 hours with my kids. I was able to listen to them, really listen to them and it was wonderful.

Fewer devices, more communication

A 360-days musing......

The kids and I had our daily treat of breakfast at the little café this morning. Sitting next to us was a family that consisted of a mother, father, teenage girl, and a girl of about 8. Everyone apart from the 8-year-old was scrolling through their phones. The 8-year-old must have been deemed too young to have a phone of her own, but not too young to be ignored while she watched her family members use their phones.

Dad and teenager put down their phones to eat as they needed cutlery for their breakfasts. However, mum only ordered fries and a milkshake, so she still had one phone remaining for her phone. I don’t recall that they said anything to each other for the duration of their breakfast. I wish we would use our devices less. I truly do. Something that is so fragile and precious is the art of communication and I do not believe that posting on social media is in any way communicating. That is unless of course you reply genuinely to every single post and engage as if you were speaking to that person – but more on that another time.

Devices have taken away our ability to listen. I mean genuinely listen. One of the biggest gifts you can give someone is to make them feel heard, and you can’t hear a thing when you have a device in your hand and your eyes on a screen.

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