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Day 18 - 360 days

Day 18 – Thursday 21st January 2021

Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 66.8 kg was my weight the last time I weighed myself which means a loss of 4 kilos. Back on the scales again tomorrow!

Calories: Under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 18 of 18)

Exercise: day of rest today after our hours of walking yesterday

Back home today after our little three-night break which was pure bliss. It is hard to believe that school resumes next week, and we are well and truly into a new year. Already the bells of January and chiming a close. At least Trump is no longer president, and my hope is that he will disappear into the obscurity of a poorly remembered joke.

The joy of waiting

A 360-days musing......

The kids returned home today to a big delivery. Rissie’s new bed had finally arrived whereas Archie somehow ended up with 2 bed heads rather than a whole bed. The joys of online shopping mean that we will go back and forth for a little while until he receives the entire bed.

They are yet to buy their mattresses for which they are still saving. They have been working and saving for their bedroom transformations for an entire year. Their joy, gratitude, and pure excitement remind me of waiting for Christmas as a child. I can remember the anticipation of waiting for that magic morning. Then on Christmas Eve, the air was thick with the suspense of a long night ahead. I always felt like I was never going to sleep, but then eventually I would succumb and wake in the early morning hours knowing that the day had arrived.

The kids remind me of that process. It is something that I think this modern world has forgotten. Now with buy now, pay later and endless lines of credit, if you want something, you can have it now. Why wait when you can go into debt? Why make decisions about what is important and what you can afford when you can have it all now? Why worry about if you have the money when you can worry about paying it back later?

Apart from a house and maybe a car, I do not believe in buying anything unless you have the money for it. If you don’t have the money, you can’t afford it. But stepping aside from the financial implications, it is so sad that we have lost the joy of waiting. We need to remind ourselves that if we can have everything we want, then eventually nothing is important.

I would rather wait, savour the seconds, minutes, and days, have only what I can afford, and know the joy of anticipation.

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