• Lara Flanagan

Day 2 - 360 days

Day 2 – Tuesday 5th January 2021


Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 69.7 kilos – 1.1 kg lost

Calories: under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 2 of 2)

Exercise: 34-minute yoga

It does not have to be shared to be real.

A 360-days musing.....

I woke this morning to the heavy sound of rain on our tin roof. I did not think a walk was likely, but I still stuck my head out to see if I was wrong. I sorely dashed Kevin and Rosie’s excited little faces when I shut the back door and crawled back into bed.

I then enjoyed two hours of napping, wide-eyed dreaming, mindless ponderings, and the enjoyment of the indulgence of an exceedingly rare sleep in. During my mindless ponderings, I had a little dilemma. What would I do about my #startthedaywithsomethingbeautiful? Since the middle of 2015, I have gone searching for lovely moments and have been sharing this on my Facebook and Instagram feeds for my blog. I use the hashtag #startthedaywithsomethingbeatiful and this little process is now second nature.

Starting the day with something beautiful has gotten me through a diagnosis, debilitating grief, and every other crisis I have known in my life since. So, I lay there half-asleep pondering. Should I go through the vaults and use an old photo, or should I get out of bed and go looking for a photo even though I was not going walking that morning and I was tucked up in bed.

I then remembered my 360-days project and felt like slapping myself around the head with a great big wet fish. I am a vegan, so I do not have any big wet fish on hand, I just have always loved that image of slapping someone stupid with a fish. I can imagine the wet slapping sound in my head along with the flashes of silver as random fish scales go flying.

I have promised myself that from here on in, social media will be all about posting about things that bring joy and no more posting images or stories that I think I ‘need’ to post. I had also promised myself many years ago that I would always start the day with something beautiful. And I still was starting the day with something beautiful. I was cuddled up in bed, giving thanks for all my blessings and having an extra 2 hours of sleep. It was entirely beautiful.

Yet there was a part of me that was genuinely anxious as I had nothing to share online and I was even feeling guilty that I had let myself down as I was not starting the day with something beautiful. I had to remind myself again of that big wet fish.

My morning was just as real as anything shared and it was all mine.


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