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Day 20 - 360 days

Updated: Jan 24

Day 20 – Saturday 23rd January 2021

Non-essential purchases: $39.20 on paint

Weight: 66.3 kg – 4.5 kilos lost in 20 days

Calories: Under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 20 of 20)

Exercise: 60-minute walk. 36-minute yoga.

Today I made my second non-essential purchase in 20 days. I bought another tin of paint for my painting project. I have so far done just under half of the lounge room, so half of the lounge room to go along with my bedroom. The white painting is not perfect, but I am telling myself the imperfections are shabby chic! Archie and Rissie were with their dad this weekend so after work, I spent the afternoon painting and listening to photography workshops. I also whipped up a big batch of Spanish Onion Jam which I had with my simple dinner of sausages and bake in the oven bread rolls. I love the simple things.

Clothes – we all have more than we need unless clothes are your thing of course.

A 360-days musing......

Once upon a time I used to be suited and booted and had more clothes than I could count. My life changed completely when my marriage broke down and I became a single mum to young twins. I ended up in the kitchen and I no longer needed my suits and heels. In those early years, I was perpetually broke, then I received a diagnosis of MS and clothes mattered even less.

When I chose to go freelance in 2015, clothes became even less of a priority. If I had any spare change, I would rather take the kids out to dinner or go on a weekend adventure. Then in 2016, I made the monumental decision to go back-packing with Archie and Rissie. 3 months in the USA, 3 months in Costa Rica, and 3 months in Italy. We packed for four-seasons and 9 months with all our belongings squeezed into a backpack each.

It was here that I truly learned how few clothes we need. For weeks in Costa Rica, I lived in a black t-shirt dress and little else. When it was cold, I lived in jeans and a jumper. When I returned home my wardrobe became even more minimalistic. I work from home and I tend to have seasonal uniforms. In winter jeans and a jumper. In summer ¾ length jeans and a white or blue shirt. If I have a client meeting, I have a posh shirt and a posh jumper. I have a black dress for evening dress-ups in the summer and a long black skirt for winter.

I feel good in my outfits and I love never having to decide on what I might have to wear. Life is easier now, in that my freelance income is regular and my photography business is growing. Yet clothes will never be a priority. I would rather travel or adventure in Tiney-Boppa our vintage van. But it is not just about the money. I simply do not feel the need to have a wardrobe that contains anything more than what I need. Life is too short.

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