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Day 23 - 360 days

Updated: Jan 27

Day 23 – Tuesday 26th January 2021

Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 66.5 kg – 4.3 kilos in 23 days

Calories: Under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 23 of 23)

Exercise: none

Some days it is good to do nothing

A 360-days musing......

It was the Australia Day public holiday and Archie had two friends sleepover last night. Even though I had a meeting with a new client about a photography assignment, I had little else I had to do for the remainder of the day.

So, we had a day of doing nothing. Even though it was a day filled with a whole lot of somethings. We packed the esky with hummus and bread, cold water and the leftover treats from last night. We slipped, slopped, and slapped and got ready for a day in the sun.

The weather was perfect, the water was divine, and I spent much of the time, reading and snoozing while the kids clambered up rocks like billy goats and then jumped as if they could fly. Then after reading and snoozing, I floated for a while and watched the world go by.

Some days it is good to do nothing.

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