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Day 28 - 360 days

Day 28 – Sunday 31st January 2021

Non-essential purchases: $39.20 on paint

Weight: 66 kg – 4.8 kilos in 28 days

Calories: Under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 28 of 28)

Exercise: Day of rest.

It is day 28 and the final day of January. I can’t believe either of those things. I have lasted 28 days without alcohol. I can’t remember the last time I did not drink for 28 days. My ex-husband and I tried to do Dry July, but I think we folded by the end of the week. I have, I think, made only three non-essential purchases which were all paint for the house. I have also lost just under 5 kilos. Oh my!

I killed the television.

A 360-days musing......

Rissie had a friend stay over last night and Archie and I spent a little time finishing the painting in the loungeroom. This entire painting exercise was inspired by me seeing the difference in the kids’ room after they painted. Their rooms felt bigger, lighter, and more spacious. So far, I have painted my hallway and the loungeroom. I only have my bedroom to go. I just love the difference in the cottage already.

Today after I finished painting the lounge room, I was starting to put back the old wooden boxes that the television sits on. Ever since we moved into the cottage there has been this long black cord sticking out of the floor. It did not go into the television or seem to have any purpose. I generally forget about it, but when I see it, it annoys me. It seemed so unnecessary.

So, I did the sensible thing, got my special pruning cutting thingies and cut it off at the point it emerged from the floor. Then I put everything back and covered up the spot where it would have been. Later that afternoon, when I turned the television on, I could not find a channel. It seems that that black cord might have been connected to the old-fashioned antenna box in the wall. I killed the television.

Initially, I was annoyed with myself, but then I realised that I did not care and me killing the television was possibly a lovely step in my living with less project. The kids and I don’t really watch television. We have Netflix and there are also endless catch-up television channels that are now available. I could pay someone a few hundred bucks to rectify my little mistake. But after thinking about if the television added value to our lives or if it was something I needed, I knew the answer to both those questions was no. I sometimes put the news on when I am making dinner, but apart from that, I can’t remember when we watched it.

So that is what I did today. I killed the television.

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