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Day 3 - 360 days

Day 3 – Wednesday 6th January 2021


Non-essential purchases: none

Essential purchases apart from food: new reading glasses

Weight: 68.6 kg– 2.2 kg lost in 3 days

Calories: under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 3 of 3)

Exercise: 60-minute walk, 27-minute yoga, 26-minute yoga

Last year Archie and Rissie saved for most of the year to do up their bedrooms. They turned 13 and were wanting something a little more grown-up to take them through their teenage years until they are ready to fly the coop.

They bought their bedframes this week, some linen and some paint. They are yet to save for their mattresses. Their single duvets have gone into the caravan and I have gifted them two of the duvets from my bed. God only knows what I will do in winter as I sleep with at least three duvets for the weight and the warmth.

Archie and Rissie wanted to begin painting today so for the last 2 ½ days they have been clearing out big-time. I have said this repeatedly, but I will not tell the kids how to live. I will however share with them my feelings and show them what is important to me by the way in which I choose to live. They can then make their own choices.

However, I did love how they seemed to be getting rid of a lot of clutter. Whenever they asked me if they should keep something or not, I simply said, “Ask yourself have you used it in the last year, does it make your heart sing, is it something that is important to you, does it add value to your life?” I then wondered if they went off to their bedrooms muttering and immediately took the piss out of their Momma.

So right now my clean, uncluttered little house is filled with randomly placed desks, books, bags, and all sorts of other things that make up the essential items in a teenager’s bedrooms. I am hoping by Saturday the painting will be done and I can once again find my beautiful spaces.

The beauty of space

A 360-days musing......

I used to love filling my home with stuff. Endless framed photos, hundreds, and hundreds of fiction books, inspirational quote cards, coffee table books, vases, cookbooks. Stuff. Lots of it.

I am not sure when my priorities changed, and I started to crave less stuff, less clutter, and more space. Looking back, I am sure I can trace the changes to my marriage breakdown, moving into my first house with the kids, being diagnosed with MS, selling up to go travelling with the kids, and then finally the death of my sister and dearest friend.

My 360-days project really is the end of a very long journey that began with the pursuit of space, peace, calm, and simplicity. Ultimately, I started searching for less so I could have more.

The picture above is taken this week before Archie and Rissie cleaned out their bedrooms and chaos descended! It is possibly one of my favourite rooms in the cottage. It is the spare room or Al’s room as we call it. Al is my fellow peace-seeking brother-in-law who is both family and friend. His room has a bed, a chair, a bench, and a cupboard. Recently it also acquired a light for reading, a fan for summer, and a heater for winter. This room has only the essentials and is devoid of clutter. The only things it contains are things that bring value to Al’s life when he is here. It is also filled with space.

I never knew how much beauty there was in space until I started seeking it. In the great outdoors it is obvious. During my mornings on my daily quest to #startthedaywithsomethingbeautiful, I am surrounded by space and I feel light and hopeful. On the days I do not walk, do not seek, I am then forever lost in the lightest confusion in a day that never quite feels right.

In your home, the seeking of space is less obvious. I do know that over the years the more I have cleared out, the more space I have. The endless conundrum. How is it, that by having less one can have more? It is the empty, quiet rooms I seek, and now almost all my rooms and emptier and quieter. I do know that sometimes if I need a break, I will go into Al’s room, and sit on the floor while I have my lunch. I am happy to sit there, lost in the beauty of space.


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