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Day 33 - 360 days

Day 33 – 360 days

Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 65.5 kg – 5.3 kilos in 33 days

Calories: Under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 33 of 33)

Exercise: 60-minute walk. 18-minute yoga. 7-minute yoga.

It is another Friday night without wine!!! Unbelievable really. Sometimes I amaze myself. I also painted another wall today. Three more walls to go and then I am done. For someone who has never, ever, been into home decorating or renovating I am super proud of myself. When I potter around my little cottage I love the light and the space and the increasing number of white walls. My cottage is my happy place.

You are enough

A 360-days musing......

I have done more online courses than I care to remember. For someone who went freelance as the result of a toxic work situation, I had no plan and little know-how. So I have googled, spent countless hours on YouTube, read a million eBooks and downloads, and invested in more courses than I care to remember. Probably the biggest doozy was my huge investment in getting my Plant-Based certification from Plantlab Culinary. Towards the end of my 12 months of study, the school went belly up and I was left without anything official though I did learn a huge amount in that time.

As a self-taught freelancer and photographer, I have always doubted my abilities and felt that there was always more to learn. I hope I never stop learning. Learning is something we do until the day we die. But, and this is a huge BUT, there is a lot of really dodgy stuff out there. The term ‘influencer’ and the amazing world of the internet has opened up a whole world of courses and people who value their services to be more valuable than neurosurgeons. Not naming names here, but it is a world of over-promising and under-delivering. The whole sales process is also very much dependant on making you feel like you are not enough.

We are so besieged by doubts and anxieties that it is easy to fall into the trap of comparisonitis and the feeling that we are not enough. Well, it is time to say we are enough. We should never base our learnings on feelings of inadequacy.

Life is short. Too short to doubt ourselves. A friend of mine posted a photo on Facebook some time ago of a few of us as high-school students at a swimming event. We were all in our swimmers acting like clowns. That photo amazed me as I went through high-school thinking I was too fat, too freckly, too pale, and too ugly. Looking at that photo made me realise I was none of those things. I was fabulous. The only thing that was wrong about the image was my 80’s, high-cut swimmers. They were appalling. How many hours did I waste on feeling inadequate? Too many.

I am remembering that young girl in swimmers right now. Do I have more to learn? Absolutely. My education is going to be a never-ending process. But from here on in. I am enough. If we could all remember how much we have within ourselves, and how much we are capable of, then perhaps we would realise that we are enough.

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