• Lara Flanagan

Day 4 - 360 days

Day 4 – Thursday 7th January 2021


Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 67.6 kg– 3.2 kg lost in 4 days

Calories: under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 4 of 4)

Exercise: 60-minute walk, 23-minute yoga

Archie and Rissie are continuing with their room renovation and while their rooms are starting to become transformed with a new lick of paint, the cottage is increasingly chaotic. Al’s room is filled with the contents of their two bedrooms. Rissie is in Al’s bed and Archie is on a mattress in my formerly uncluttered little studio room. I did say to them, even though they have done a good job decluttering, that taking everything out of their room was a great opportunity to really question what they wanted to put back.

They are doing an awesome job and apart from the edges near the roof they have done it all on their own. The rollers should be out tomorrow, and the rooms should be almost done. I am super proud of them and I literally can’t wait to get my uncluttered little cottage back! I am also looking on with interest as to what ends up back in their bedrooms!

What needs simplifying is that bloody constitution

A 360-days musing......

An awful day today with the Capitol building in Washington D.C. being stormed by a group of thugs who were armed with adrenalin, hate, lies, resentment, and guns and inspired by a president who would not know the truth if he fell over it and it bit him on the arse.

I must admit I watched the live stream as congress finally returned to confirm those bloody electoral college votes. It is absolutely gobsmacking to me that they can all declare their love and loyalty to the constitution. Trump claims he loves the constitution as he peppers non-violent crowds with rubber bullets so he can have a photo opportunity in front of a church he does not attend. Rudy Giuliani claims the love of the constitution as he calls for trial be armed combat. Biden claims the love of the constitution as he calls for calm. Republican senators claim the love of the constitution as they declare the election was stolen from Trump. Democratic senators claim the love of the constitution as they vote against the objections. The NRA claims the love of the constitution as the access to semi-automatic weapons following a school massacre.

It truly does my head in and I think right now the thing that needs simplifying more than anything else is the constitution. A true case of where less could mean a hell of a lot more.


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