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Day 40 - 360 days

Updated: Feb 15

Day 40 – 360 days

Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 64.4 kg – 6.4 kilos in 40 days

Calories: Under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 40 of 40)

Exercise: 60-minute walk. 17-minute yoga. 7-minute yoga. 7-minute yoga.

I love, love, love Friday nights. How times have changed. Once upon a time, Friday nights were the night for me to drink one too many glasses of vino after work. Not that that has happened for a very long time! Now my Friday nights mean one of our favourite meals with Archie and Rissie. Possibly a movie or an episode or two. The kids are more relaxed as the weekend is ahead of them and time moves a little slower on a Friday night.

Note of amazement to myself – one more night without wine and a Friday night at that!

It is only when you try to listen, that you can hear

A 360-days musing......

Since making a concerted effort to step away from my computer when the kids need my attention and to start using my phone as a phone and not a device i.e., as something to use when you need to speak to someone, I am noticing things. Firstly, it is not just the kids that needed my attention. It was me also who needed some extra attention. I needed to make some space so I could listen.

Listen to my heart, listen to the world, listen to the rhythm of the day so I could better see the light. Listen to the weather, listen to the night as it approaches. Listen to my kids and the minutiae of their day. You can’t hear the nuances of minutiae when you are distracted by a screen. And it’s in the minutiae that you hear the stories of your children’s lives.

I want to hear the minutiae. It is the smallest things that fill your heart with joy and that you will remember when it matters most. When I think of my sister Tiney, I don’t focus on the big things. The big things do not leave memories on my cheek. It is the tiny things I miss. If I could have a magic genie, I would wish for a day filled with the sweetest tiny moments.

We all need more attention. We all need to hear things, but we can only hear when we allow ourselves to listen. To allow ourselves to listen we need a little less of the things in our life that are not so important.

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