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Day 44 - 360 days

Updated: Feb 17

Day 44 – 360 days

Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 66.8 kg – 4 kilos in 44 days

Calories: Less than 1200

Alcohol: none (day 44 of 44)

Exercise: 60-minute walk. 22-minute yoga. 18-minute yoga.

The kids and I are committee members of the Oracles of the Bush committee. Oracles of the Bush is a boutique bush poetry festival in Tenterfield, and it is one of my favourite weekends in my hometown. One of my responsibilities is organising the poetry competition and today I escorted one of the professional poets around as he performed poetry workshops in our local schools.

Surrounded by teachers

A 360-days musing…….

The poet is a big old, gentle grizzly bear. He is an ex-copper, now a professional poet, and a local councillor. It is a gift to spend time with someone who has lived a full life and ended up doing something that makes their heart happy.

Marco has had challenges in his life, but he speaks of having mantras such as never feel anger, forget about worry and be always hopeful. I came home today thinking that we are surrounded by teachers. We just need to have our ears and eyes open so we can hear and see them.

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