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Day 46 - 360 days

Day 46 – 360 days

Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 65 kg – 5.8 kilos in 46 days

Calories: Less than 1200

Alcohol: none (day 46 of 46)

Exercise: 25-minute yoga. 21-minute yoga. 27-minute yoga.

It was a super early start today to complete an early-morning photo shoot for a new B&B in town. I wasn’t looking forward to it as it was a grey overcast morning without even a hint of golden light. I also was having a crisis of confidence which meant that I was going through a phase of questioning if I could call myself a photographer or not. Later today the owner of the B&B sent me the loveliest message and it absolutely made my day and cleared away the darkness a little.

“I want to tell everyone how amazing you are. You are ‘hands down’ the best photographer I’ve ever worked with. Thank you so much for the photo shoot at Carpe Diem Guesthouse Tenterfield…….I plan to use you heaps in the future if you’re available! Simply amazing and stunning work!!!”

We should all give more thanks, as we have so many thanks to give

A 360-days musing…….

It was amazing how those few simple lines pulled me out of a funk and reminded me that I have made the right choice to follow my heart. It was a reminder how easy it is to give thanks and what a gift thanks and gratitude are. I know when I wake up in the morning before the alarm goes off, I give thanks. I count my blessings and give thanks for all that is good in my life.

It is the most beautiful joyful domino effect because the more thanks I give, the more grateful I am. Saying thank you to someone is also one of the most beautiful gifts you can give. Saying thanks costs us nothing and yet we have endless thanks to give. Whether it be the person who keeps the door open for you, who brings you a cup of coffee, who tallies your grocery total, your kids who feed the animals every day. It does not matter.

The more we see things that deserve thanks, the more instances worthy of thanks will appear. Just like embracing gratitude allows you to see that your cup truly does runneth over.

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