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Day 49 - 360 days

Day 49 – 360 days

Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 66 kg – 4.8 kilos in 49 days

Calories: Less than 1200

Alcohol: none (day 49 of 49)

Exercise: 26-minute yoga. 10-minute yoga.

It was such a busy day yesterday that I did not get a chance to even look at day 48 of my 360 days project. We were all up at 6 am to get ready for the Tenterfield Markets. Rissie works on the coffee cart and Archie is my market assistant. Then we finished at the markets and headed to Brisbane to have dinner with my Dad who was down from Rockhampton and my sister’s family. We got back home just after midnight and I literally fell into bed.

This morning I was up at 6 am for a scheduled photoshoot but the timing was not right. Back home to do some work and get the kids to their first OJT (odd job twins) job of the day. We are all exhausted. I told the kids to be excited about the coming weeks. They have a short week this week as they are going to Cairns with their Dad and Al is coming to stay with me. The following week, I am taking them out of school for a couple of days and we are taking off in Tiney-Boppa.

You should not have to apologise for saying no and taking rest

A 360-days musing…….

I was a little overwhelmed when I got home last night. After getting back home this morning I let my Dad and sister know that I did not think I could do dinner in March and I would try every second month and then maybe stay the weekend in June. In March the weekend that Dad is in town is the Saturday before the weekend of Oracles of the Bush. I just know that I don’t think I would cope with an 18-hour day before a huge week.

So, I said no. Quite simply because I need the rest. It was on the tip of my tongue to apologise but I didn’t. Something that I believe everybody needs a little less of is apologising for saying no because you need to get some rest. I do not believe there is a badge of honour in being so busy that you make yourself sick. I don’t want to rest when I am dead. I don’t believe that gain only comes with pain. I don’t want to embrace being wicked and say that there is no rest for me. I have no idea when that sort of thinking becoming so popular and widespread. It possibly coincided with the rise of auto-immune diseases, anxiety, mental health, and general dissatisfaction with life.

Now when I ask someone how they are and they reply, “oh god I am so busy” I feel like telling them to get over it. When people ask me how I am, I like to say well. I am exceptionally well. I would also like to say with a huge beam on my face, I am also deliciously rested. That is what I am working towards anyway!

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