• Lara Flanagan

Day 5 - 360 days

Day 5 – Friday 8th January 2021


Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 67.6 kg– 3.2 kg lost in 5 days

Calories: under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 5 of 5)

Exercise: 60-minute walk, 28-minute yoga

Archie and Rissie finished painting their rooms today and they are beautiful! I told them to empty their rooms, give them a good vacuum, and start assessing what they want to put back. As I said to them, only keep and return what really fits and what you really love. Apart from that, I am leaving them to it. I also told them that they could paint their existing furniture to make it fit their new look. Much better to use what we already have than to waste money on something new.

Brisbane is currently in hard lockdown due to 1 case of the UK super strain of the coronavirus. As the kids and I were in Brisbane last Sunday we are in isolation until Monday night. We were going to do all the recycling for the kids fundraising for the RFS tomorrow, but as we can’t leave the house, that is no longer an option. The kids now have all weekend to finish their rooms and to get them ready for their new adult beds that are due to arrive this month.

I cannot wait to see what ends up in their bedrooms, what they keep, and what they give away. It has been such an interesting few days and they have worked their little butts off. It is amazing how empty rooms always seem to be bigger and filled with glorious space. I am rather looking forward to 3 days of isolation. I had to cancel a coffee catch up and a meet up for a possible photo job – is it wrong to say I didn’t mind?

Friday night and no wine?

A 360-days musing......

Friday nights for me usually mean a bottle of wine. I am still a little surprised that I am sitting here on a Friday night, with only soda water to drink. During my life I have been a massive drinker, now I am less so. Saying that even though I drink less; when I drink, I tend to drink too much. I am sure I will write about alcohol many more times over the coming 360 days, but for me, tonight is a Friday night, and I am not missing my normal bottle of wine. I am looking forward to going to bed and getting up in the morning to walk the dogs without feeling fuzzy-headed.

My minimalism journey started some time ago and when I decided to try this project, I wanted to challenge every aspect of my life. If wanting to live with less, for me it was important to address food and alcohol. When it comes to alcohol less was to mean zero. If I am completely honest, giving up alcohol was the thing I feared most about this 360-days project. Completely crazy!

Australians do not have the healthiest drinking culture in the world. Nor do the Brits, I am not sure about the Yanks, but I am sure there are some States that have a similar drinking culture to us beer and wine drinking Aussies and pint loving Brits. When I was growing up on the Gold Coast it was a time of fake IDS and getting into clubs as soon as you possibly could. It was almost a badge of honour to wipe yourself out. The one thing my ex-husband and I could do was drink. We drank a lot. We were good at it. Our drinking meant that we could conveniently hide under the rug, the fact that we were quite a toxic couple.

I began to develop a different appreciation of drinking from my trips to Italy. A glass of wine could be sipped, savoured, and discussed for hours. After a meal, bottles of wine would be removed from the table for the next occasion. The Italians that I knew seemed to have a glass of wine or two for enjoyment. They didn’t drink to wipe themselves out like so many Aussies (myself included) do. It was a big lesson.

This project for me is all about living with less and truly experiencing what minimalism can bring to my life. It is not a project that involves me cherry-picking the things I want to minimalise. It involves me living with less, full stop. Even the things that are a little challenging and somewhat confronting.

It is only by having less of everything, that you can work out what you truly need.

Day 5, Friday night and alcohol-free. Let’s see how perky I feel on day 200!


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