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Day 51 - 360 days

Day 51 – 360 days

Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 66 kg – 4.8 kilos in 51 days

Calories: Less than 1200

Alcohol: none (day 51 of 51)

Exercise: 30-minute walk. 19-minute yoga. 17-minute yoga. 8-minute yoga.

It has been such an eventful day today. It began with me on a photo assignment on a super misty morning being surrounded by aggressive cows that I could have sworn were going to attack me. I then had endless dramas with FB with one client not having access to their Shopify and another client losing every single piece of content that had ever been posted on FB.

Finally, I found myself meeting with a friend who also happens to work for a local real estate agent talking about possible premises for my little dream of a gallery and print store. I have decided to take the plunge and the big leap. I have come to the conclusion that if I want to pursue my dream of having my photography as a full-time income then I need to have a little shop front. I have also realised that I don’t like taking photos for other people. I simply like following the light in the morning and capturing my moments of beautiful.

A very big day.

If you can do anything in life, do what makes you happy

A 360-days musing…….

I have a few maxims in my life that I try to live by. These are basic lessons of life that now govern most decisions that I make. I hope these maxims can be embedded in Archie and Rissie’s hearts. I hope that by living the way I do and showing rather than telling, they will live by these maxims too.

Be kind.

Sometimes it is better to be kind than right.

At all times, damn it be kind.

We don’t need that much with which to live.

We can’t take it with us, so why do we place so much importance on things that ultimately do not matter.

If you can do anything in life, do what makes you happy.

Don’t focus on things that make you money or bring you prestige or get you more followers.

Ultimately none of that matters. Life is a long and winding road, a rollercoaster of ups and downs. The bad times, the sad times, the difficult times, will all be easier if you do what makes you happy.

Life is short. So be kind. Life with less and do what makes you happy.

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