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Day 8 - 360 days

Updated: Jan 12

Day 8 – Monday 11th January 2021


Non-essential purchases: none

Weight: 66.7 kg– 4.1 kg lost in 8 days

Calories: under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 8 of 8)

Exercise: 60-minute walk, 26-minute yoga 34-minute yoga.

Just another Monday. I can’t believe it is almost halfway through January. I don’t know if time goes faster as we get older or it genuinely is starting to go faster. Probably a sign that I am no longer 20!

You don’t need to spend a fortune to exercise.

A 360-days musing......

I had to laugh today as I was a little out of sorts. So, when I saw that the next yoga session in one of my monthly yoga calendars was “Yoga for when you are out of sorts”, I was quite excited as I knew I would do another session today and yoga makes me happy.

At some stage early last year I had a bad bout of MS. To cut a long story short, it was so unpleasant and daunting that I considered going back onto some sort of MS medication. For someone who has been drug-free since 2015, this seemed like an awfully big failure for me. I even went as far as accepting the new prescription from my doctor and getting it filled. Then I went home put it in my cupboard and reassessed.

I realised at the height of the first wave of the pandemic in Australia, that this was my time to get as healthy, strong, and as fit as I possibly could. I would literally try anything to avoid going back on to any sort of medication. I already eat relatively well, though my drinking was probably more than what it should be. I left that one alone though. I walked every day, apart from the weekends almost religiously.

I did some googling and found Yoga with Adriene, who has become my new secret best friend and happiness guru. Over the months I would sometimes do 2 or 3 sessions a day. Whenever my twitching, pain, or restlessness got too much, I would resume the downward dog position. Eventually, things got better and by October or November I ended up throwing those drugs away.

What gets me most about Yoga with Adriene is that it is completely free. Just like the countless other websites, YouTube channels, and apps that I stumbled across. Yoga with Adriene works for me, but there was something out there to suit everyone. I walk every morning in either my winter uniform of long black fleece-lined top and tights or my summer uniform of black shirt and leggings. I wear gumboots due to the fact that the dew, rain, frost, and other morning elements tend to destroy any other shoes.

I do Yoga with Adriene in my tracksuit pants on my carpet. She occasionally uses props but will always give suggestions of household items if you don’t have anything fancy.

I am fit, healthy, and strong, and yet I pay nothing to stay healthy. When people say to me that they can’t afford to keep fit I always think that is rubbish. One of my favourite parts of the day is being outside just after dawn and being reminded, what a beautiful world I live in. If you say you can’t afford to exercise, chances are you simply don’t want to.


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