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Day 9 - 360 days

Day 9 – Tuesday 12th January 2021


Non-essential purchases: paint - $79.00

Weight: 66.7 kg– 4.1 kg lost in 9 days

Calories: under 1200 calories

Alcohol: none (day 9 of 9)

Exercise: 60-minute walk, 26-minute yoga 34-minute yoga.

In terms of their bedrooms, the kids are paying for everything themselves which I am hoping helps them to learn about budgeting and money. The only piece of furniture that the kids have bought is their larger beds. We will be selling or donating their single beds and mattresses as soon as they no longer need them.

All their other furniture is stuff they already owned, but it has just been given a new lease of life with a lick of paint. They are both waiting for their new beds and the final thing they needed to purchase was sheets for their beds. Archie shopped around and got a Queen sheet set for about $18 – I thought that was brilliant. Rissie delayed, but she finally came to me today and told me that she had ordered her sheet set.

She then went quiet and told me it was $55.00. I must admit I was gutted. $55.00 for a sheet set???!!!! Rissie knew I was disappointed as I have never had a poker face. Archie and Rissie make their own decisions about their money as they work hard for it with their little Odd Jobs Twins business. I still wish she had of shopped around and thought about it a little more. She asked me if I agreed with what she had done and I had to be honest with her and I told her that I didn’t agree with it. Then she asked me if I was cross and I told her that I was not remotely cross.

Just because I didn’t agree with something she had done in terms of spending her money, didn't mean I was cross. I don’t think Rissie is a bargain shopper. In terms of minimalism, she was still ticking the boxes in my head. We don’t have spare linen. When I wash my linen, I do it on a day when it will dry and we remake our beds that afternoon. So it was not like the cottage had any spare linen. It was something she needed. As for needing the posh stuff, I am not sure! Rissie and I will just have to agree to disagree. She told me she needed sheets that felt beautiful. Maybe she might be a lover of fine linen!

I made both Archie and Rissie from scratch, but they are both so different.

When what you have is enough.

A 360-days musing......

I have made a big decision to paint a few rooms in the house. My little hallway, bedroom and lounge room all have very dark 1970’s fake timber panelling. When I first moved into my little cottage, a dear friend of mine looked at me and said, “you are going to renovate aren’t you, that panelling is just not you!” I have never had any desire to renovate. I have never understood the whole weekend renovation thing. If I ever need to go to Bunnings, I get anxious. So many people who are going around with huge trolleys that scream, “what we have is not enough!”

My little cottage is not perfect. One side is subsiding, I have tiles falling off over my fireplace. There are various gaps in the floor in the corners where the mice get in. There are so many things that I could do to the cottage. But I love it. It is fine just the way it is. What we have is enough.

However, when I saw the difference in Archie and Rissie’s rooms after they had painted them, I was inspired to white-wash all that dark 1970’s panelling. The paint is my first non-essential purchase in 9 days. Not essential, but I made the decision because I I think my new light walls will add a new light to our little cottage. It will give me more space. For the cost of two tins of paint, we will be giving the cottage a lovely refresh. We will be doing that without pulling walls down, replacing timber, hiring anyone, or losing weeks of my life while beating my chest and screaming at the moon that what I have is not enough!

Two tins of paint and more space in the cottage. More space, less clutter. What I have is more than enough. It is just going to get a little bit lighter and brighter.


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