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Dragon Fruit & Mango Nice Cream with Pomegranate Seeds & Cashew Cream

Updated: Feb 27, 2020


I have taken the very bold step and advised my real estate agent that the house is ready to rent.    Obviously, I need to move out first, but I am ready to take the plunge and do so. My garage sale was hugely successful and I now am in a position where I have fewer belongings than I have had in almost 20 years. In the last week or so I have found myself pottering around the house and having to readjust to the fact that I have empty book shelves. Until this point in time empty book shelves have been a concept that is completely foreign to me. Books have always been such a big part of my life and a major part of my interior design. I guess that is why I know I am ready to move. With all my books gone the house looks pretty much packed up anyway. It looks incredibly different and it certainly looks and feels a lot lighter.

Archie was heard to mutter the other day that the house looks empty now and so much cleaner. Cleaner? Fucking cleaner? They sometimes act as if I was running a bloody brothel. It amazes me how kids are so honest. I am not sure at what age they lose their honesty, but I am sure it happens sometimes soon. I wish they could keep their honesty, though to be honest I would love them to combine it with a little bit of tact and the ability to tell a white lie.

I am currently going through a skin cancer treatment for my face. I am in the phase where my skin looks quite raw and tender. It is amazing when I am with adults that most have the tact to not mention it.  When the kids get up though one of the first things they do is check out my face and give me a running commentary on what stage of awfulness it is. I feel like telling them that I don’t actually need to be told that my nose is bright red and my cheeks look like someone has run a blow torch over them. It is like when you have a great big bloody pimple on the end of your nose and someone says to you, “You’ve got a pimple.”  That for me would have to be the height of bloody stupidity.  I always feel like saying, “What pimple?    I don’t see a fucking pimple.”  That is despite the fact the thing is so big it is impeding your vision.  It would serve them bloody right for stating the bloody obvious.  Everyone knows when they have a pimple on their face; they don’t need to be bloody told.

I was actually leaving the house last week to see a client which means that I have to change out of my daily uniform.  My autumn jumper is now so threadbare that it is almost obscene if I don’t wear a top of some description underneath it.  My mum very politely refers to it as being lacy which is her incredibly tactful way of telling me it is full of holes. Thankfully due to the cooler weather I have been able to put a long sleeve black top underneath it and I think it will quite easily make the transition into my winter uniform.  Anyway, I digress. So I actually had to get out of my daily uniform and dress in something a little more fitting for the public eye.  

Little Riss who is the eternal princess and who I am sure goes to bed praying that one day I will buy some high heels and wear a frock actually sounded like a proud parent when she said, “Oh Mumma, you look so pretty.”  Archie even gave me a big nod of approval by saying, “Yeah Mum, you look really fit. Really fit.”   I must admit I got into Ruby the little red beast feeling like a million dollars.  Archie then knocked on my window to clarify something, “You still look fit mum, even with all the spots on your face.”   Kids and their honesty.  I was slightly deflated but I still felt pretty fit.  Even if I was bloody spotty.

I have a craving for tropical exotic fruit at the moment.  I fell in love with pomegranate seeds last year and love them in salads. I also think they are amazing in any kind of desserts as they are rather reminiscent of little edible diamonds. I have never actually cut a Dragon Fruit before and I was hoping these would be the brilliant pink ones but they were the white ones.  (I have no idea how to tell if they are pink or white!).  It is such an amazingly pretty fruit. 

I just wanted to make something that looked gorgeous this morning for no other reason than I wanted to eat something pretty.  Unfortunately as the kids are on school holidays my idea of sitting on the deck and leisurely eating this creation went out the window – sometimes I bloody hate sharing.   Completely yummy.

Dragon Fruit & Mango Nice Cream with Pomegranate Seeds & Cashew Cream

Serves 4

Flesh from 1 Dragon Fruit

1 frozen Banana

1 cup frozen mango – sliced

Seeds from 1 Pomegranate

½ cup raw Cashew Nuts


2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup

For the cashew cream, vitamise the raw cashew nuts and maple syrup in a blender. Add sufficient water to cover the nuts and for the blender to be able to blend them.  For cream you want them to be quite thick so might need to add a little bit of extra water but not too many.

For the Nice Cream, add the dragon fruit, frozen sliced banana and frozen sliced mango to a processor.  Blitz constantly until mixture goes from bread-crumb phase to nice cream phase.  Stop regularly to wipe the sides of the whizz.

Layer your sundae with Nice Cream first, then the Pomegranate seeds, top with the cashew cream and garnish with some dragon fruit.

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