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Dry and scarred by fire

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Tenterfield has had a big 18 months with an ongoing devastating drought and fires in February, early September and late September of 2019. People have been messaging My Notes from New England and asking if now is a good time to visit Tenterfield with everything that has been going on, and the answer is a resounding yes, yes, yes. Now is the time we need visitors more than ever. Whilst our community waits for rain, what we need most of all is your presence.

This is a personal shout out for my little town and obviously while I am talking about Tenterfield, I know that many regions are struggling and the same could be said for countless towns and areas. So if you have a region near you that is in need, make it your Tenterfield too.

We may be dry and a little scarred by fire, but Tenterfield is always, always beautiful. Our main street is charming and quaint and is lit at night be fairy-lights. Our shops are owner-operated and you will find the best boutique shopping around. We have award-wining butchers and a place to buy local fruit and vegetables. Our accommodation options are endless ranging from options for the nomads, motels galore, country cabin options and luxury refurbished historic buildings.

To dine, you have cafes and restaurants that suit every taste-bud. Freshly baked goods, gourmet breakfasts, cheap and cheerful fry-ups, endless sweet-tooth options, hearty lunches, elegant dinners, Bowls and Golf Club dining and everything in between. And as for coffee – well you can’t beat Tenterfield.

Bald Rock may still be closed, but Boonoo Boonoo is open. Drive the Mt McKenzie drive, visit the Railway Museum and enjoy our Saturday markets.

What we need more than ever is your presence. Come to Tenterfield and be a local for a night or two. Are we watching our water? Absolutely. So when you do come, it would be lovely if you watched it too, brought extra water and had short showers. Apart from that, it is business as normal. You being here will allow us to keep supporting those who support us. Buying bales, making sandwiches for volunteers, getting water to those who need it and keeping our community’s spirit up as we wait for each day that brings us one day closer to rain.

Tenterfield is is always, always beautiful and we would love you to be a local for a while, so that our locals can keep their chins up and keep on delivering our endless country hospitality.

We can’t wait to see you, so come on, hit the road and come to Tenterfield.

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