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Helen, celebrating 56 fabulous years

Portrait of a woman

Helen, celebrating 56 fabulous years with the Your Face, Your Story Project.

Helen and I had a fabulous afternoon on Sunday as Helen was the first woman to have her shoot for the Your Face, Your Story Project. Words cannot express how special this afternoon was.


Helen and I hope to catch up in the next couple of weeks for her special post-shoot meeting and image reveal and I am sure I will reveal a few images between now and then. I first wanted to update Helen’s mugshot as we initially caught up on Zoom, and a Zoom mugshot is just not the same as a normal Discovery Meeting Mug Shot!

Helen is involved with the Your Face, Your Story Project because she would like to raise her public profile to support her not-for-profit work with Shimmy in the Glen and get some great images to share on her social media page. She also says that she is much more comfortable now than as a younger woman because she is more comfortable in her skin because as a performer (belly dancer) she has become less self-conscious.

To her younger self she would say, "Do what you want, follow your dreams and don't worry about what others think.The Your Face, Your Story Project is all about celebrating the lives of women over 40 and challenging the stereotypes of women and ageing.


Be part of the revolution! I am looking for 40 women over 40 to be part of this project. 

Please contact me if you are interested. This project is shaping up to be more than I could ever have imagined and is already delivering so much.

If you want to learn more about this project please email me at

All details can be found on my website:

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