• Lara Flanagan

I am closer to heaven here

I am closer to heaven here,

among the tall gum trees,

whispering, ancient storytellers,

with rustling eucalypt leaves.

The golden rays of the morning sun

cast shadows on ghostly boughs.

Ancient sentinels, oh so still,

as close to heaven as earth allows.

I am closer to heaven here,

on endless roads of dirt,

I can taste the drought and smell the rain,

roads so beautiful my soul does hurt.

Country roads that lead me home,

and feed the magic light within.

Meandering glorious pathways,

it is here that heaven must begin.

I am closer to heaven here,

under our vast and starry skies.

A moon that shines upon the land,

of other worlds it all implies.

The milky way and countless stars,

an ethereal carpet way up high.

I close my eyes, wish upon a star,

I can see heaven in that sky.

I am closer to heaven here,

by the untamed and wind-swept seas,

where wild waves crash into the coast,

and I am kissed by the salty breeze.

The morning sun warms rocky shores

and shines on the deep, blue sea.

It is along these pristine sandy beaches

that wind & salt feel like heaven to me.

I am closer to heaven here

in this special, ancient place.

Droughts, fire, and flooding rains

will never really erase

the magic that resides here

and forever calls me home.

The gums, the dirt, the roads, and sea,

the only heaven that I have known.

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