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I remember our younger days

Updated: Apr 6

Grief is a funny thing, and I firmly believe that it something that you can only understand if you have gone through it yourself. You can empathise, sympathise and listen, but you can only truly understand it if you have been there and lived through it. One thing that makes me a little sad is that I have had dear friends lose people they love and I don’t think I was ever really there for them. From here on in, I would hope that I could do the right thing by being there in a way that people needed. That I was able to listen as grief ran its ugly course.

It is crazy to think that 4 years ago today Tiney left this world. Crazy because in some ways it seems like a lifetime ago and in other ways, it feels like only yesterday. I miss her every day, some more than others, especially on days like today when crazy wonderful things seem to be forever happening for the kids and me. We have created a life I adore and I am lucky to experience a happiness that I never thought possible. Some mornings as I drive around this world I call home, I am lost in wonder. Lost in wonder at not only my beautiful surroundings but at my lovely, charmed little life. I don’t know how I got here, but I am sure I had an angel holding my hand. An angel forever cheering me on and telling me, ‘you got this matey and I am so proud of you.’

Four years. A lifetime and a blink of an eye. I miss you Tiney and always will.

I remember when we were young

I remember when we were young,

and Dad read to us one by one,

we sailed a ship, our father’s chair,

he read us books, shared magic there.

We met Blinky Bill, Snugglepot,

Reepicheep and Sir Lancelot.

Late last night upon a stair,

we met a man who wasn’t there.

I remember when we were young.

I remember our childhood days,

when all day long the sun would blaze,

Mum would put white zinc on noses,

Gritty airbeds, endless dozes.

Down Eli creek we all would float,

that sandy isle felt so remote.

Kids that ran with the wild brumbies,

kissed by the spray of wind-swept seas.

I remember our childhood days.

I remember long nights by fire,

childhood dreams, those flames would inspire.

We ate Eugarie stew cooked on coals,

eaten hot from enamel bowls.

Leonard sang, so long Marianne,

we knew it was time he began.

Eugaries dug by our young heels,

sparklers in darkness, magic wheels.

I remember long nights by fire.

I remember our childhood home,

By the Broadwater, we would roam.

Those younger days seemed so free,

forever lost in reverie.

Home was a place called Howard Street,

days so simple, life so sweet.

Our yard, the waters of Runaway Bay,

the shrouds on masts with wind would play.

I remember our childhood home.

I remember as we grew old,

we saw the world, let our wings unfold.

By then our bond was much more than blood,

blessed forever to be so loved.

On Christmas Eve we sat in Branwell’s chair,

in Ireland, you danced with fairies there,

we walked in snow wearing princess shoes,

late at night, lost in London’s mews.

I remember as we grew old.

I remember that perfect storm,

that night, our lives you would transform.

You took your leave, did not say goodbye,

left me forever wondering why.

At night you leave footprints in my head,

a thousand words were left unsaid.

In the sky above you now reside,

swinging by the moon lady’s side.

I remember that perfect storm.

I remember when we were young,

back when our lives had just begun.

Shaped by words, wind, song, salt & sea,

by moonlight, you still dance with me.

Now I live on the mountain side,

Where you, a gumnut fairy does reside.

You, the wind in the trees up high,

with rustling leaves forever sigh,

I remember when we were young.

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