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Jane, celebrating 57 fabulous years

A portrait of a lady on a black background

Jane, celebrating 57 fabulous years with the Your Face, Your Story Project.


I photographed Jane last year when she needed some photos for her business Tenterfield Laundrette so I was looking forward to catching up with Jane as she is a bundle of joy!  We had a lovely chat today and Jane’s shoot is now booked!


One of the reasons that Jane has gotten involved in the Your Face, Your Story Project is because she loves to mix with all different types of different women her age and listen to their stories. If Jane could go back and talk to her younger self, she would tell her “make sure you get your worth that you deserve.”


The Your Face, Your Story Project is all about celebrating the lives of women over 40 and challenging the stereotypes of women and ageing.


Be part of the revolution! I am looking for 40 women over 40 to be part of this project.

Please contact me if you are interested. This project is shaping up to be more than I could ever have imagined and is already delivering so much.


If you want to learn more about this project, please email me at


All details can be found on my website:

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