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Jen, a Water Warrior

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Portrait of a lady

Jen, a Water Warrior

In Jen’s words:

Hi, I’m Jen

I have been swimming all my life and grew up in a hot mining town in NW QLD. I swam for my region and was house captain for my school. Then I got older and squad training with kids just never worked and many years later I took it up again and found Metaqua. I met Amanda when I replied to a Facebook ad encouraging women’s fitness with Metaqua. And so, my journey with Amanda in two different states through four seasons and her band of merry floaters began. I did struggle to get started, but after each session I felt great and the low impact of the water and the non-competitive nature of Metaqua won me over. It really is so wonderful to see so many age groups come together and form friendships, it’s not a common thing anymore. TRUTH: Amanda is the only person I know that can talk under water and everyone understands her. It’s the friends that you make and the chats you have as you do your laps that keeps me coming back. Some days it’s so gentle I feel as though I should be doing it with a gin spritzer! Does it work? I sleep better, I move better, I feel better, I think clearer so yes it works for me. One of the self-hug moments I get at Metaqua is when we all arrive in our fabulous swimming attire with all our bits and bobs hanging out, we are all equal! Some of us waddle like a duck, jiggle like jelly, some have one boob or no boobs, good hearing, no hearing, great sight, bad sight and buggered knees hips and shoulders - it doesn’t matter in the water because we are all warriors. Thanks Amanda you do a great job."

The Water Warrior Project is a joint project of inspiration between Amanda, Metaqua Instructor from @swimminginthefield, and Lara Flanagan, Photographer from @mynotesfrom

Portrait of a lady

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