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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

My dear My Notes from New England friends, I have been touched this year to see so many new people popping up on on Facebook, Instagram and subscribing to my newsletter and I thought it was time to say hi and re-introduce myself.

My name is Lara Flanagan and I am the creator of My Notes from New England which I began in mid 2015 after a life-changing series of interesting events! In 2011 I became a single Momma, then in 2012 I decided to move myself, Archie, Rissie, who were only 4 at the time to a town called Tenterfield in the Northern NSW highlands. To be honest I only knew of Tenterfield as being home to the song - Tenterfield Traveller! I didn't even have the correct title of the song!

The year of 2012 saw me falling in love with my home town and becoming a Tenterfieldian. After buying my little cottage I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013 and I got dark and twisted for a little while. A holiday to the States in 2014 gave me renewed hope and I came back inspired to pursue a 100% plant-based diet and to fully embrace the incredible programme that is Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis. In 2015, I became obsessed with creating delicious and tempting plant-based creations. I have always had a longing to feed people and after I got sick I thought I had lost that dream. But I got it back. Then I got brave enough to ditch a toxic work situation and to take the plunge to create my blog and try working freelance.

In 2016 I got the overwhelming and unexplainable urge to pack it all in and go backpacking with the kids. My newfound freelance career had opened up a world of location independent possibilities! So we rented out the house and donned our packs and spent 3 months in the States, 3 months in Costa Rica and finally 3 months in Italy. I continued to learn more about what made my heart sing and was constantly inspired by food that was good for you, was beautiful and was a joy to share with those who you love.

Unfortunately our trip came to an end when my kindred spirit and younger sister Tiney died in 2017. I was grief-stricken and once again I got dark and twisted for a while. My Notes from New England is all about my desire to live well! It is here where I share my daily quest to #startthedaywithsomethingbeautiful and I love sharing my early morning moments. I must admit I had to negotiate weekend sleep ins with Archie and Rissie recently, so we occasionally miss a Saturday or Sunday.

I also share my love that is bordering on an obsession, of beautiful plant-based food. I regularly post new recipes. I have just launched a small online store this year and I often wax lyrical about things that move me! In the past few months that has been simplicity and the challenges that my beautiful home town of Tenterfield has been facing. In the coming weeks it may well be my love of pasta, gelato and living like an Italian.

My love of la dolce vita. 2019 saw a joint collaboration with Bec from Tenterfield Health with FEAST Courses - we had 5 courses this year and all were sold out. We are on hiatus for a while, but who knows what 2020 will bring and I am also working on a catering concept called FEAST catering which I am hoping to spend more time on in 2020. Vegan food creator. Explorer. Writer. Photographer. MS Warrior. Australian heart with an Italian soul.

Always hopeful and forever grateful. My constant companions are my twins Archie and Rissie, who never cease to inspire me. Thank you for following and sharing a little of my world.

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