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Life lessons from dogs

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Oh to live like a happy dog. They teach many lessons which support my quest to live a simple life that brings joy and has as little impact on this world as possible. My dogs also fill my soul and make me happy.

Life rules written by dogs: * Wake and greet each day as if it is a new day. * When you get to the park, act as if it is your first day there, even if you have been there a million times. Because every day is your first day, run around madly, barking and dancing with joy. * You don’t need a full wardrobe to look fabulous, some times all you need is muddy paws. * Respond to those who treat you well with joy, and run away as fast as you can, from those who bark and bite. * The only way to communicate, with those that matter is in person cause those that matter communicate snout to snout. * Love those who make your tail wag. * When it is time to rest, rest completely and entirely. (So much so, that you can ignore your idiot human who likes to do things like crawl on her belly up the ramp so she can take a photo of you.) * Unless things bring you joy, ignore them. (See above).

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