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Linda, celebrating 63 fabulous years

9 portraits of a woman

Linda, celebrating 63 fabulous years with the Your Face, Your Story Project.

I caught up with Linda today to "introduce" her to her fabulous image gallery from her Your Face, Your Story shoot. We also had a coffee, shot the breeze for a while, and had a scrummy biscuit that Linda made! I love showing people their galleries - it is a lovely thing to see yourself through someone else's eyes and when I look at the photos with people it is like I am seeing their images for the first time as well!

When I asked Linda how she felt about her age, she told me that she was grateful for this age and that it was time to re-discover the things that she enjoys most. I also spoke to Linda about what the Your Face, Your Story Project meant to her and I loved her reply:

"Older women are an often overlooked cohort - in everything! Photographing them and capturing their uniqueness as individuals allows us to celebrate and appreciate their diversity."

With the Your Face, Your Story Project, Linda said, "Take me as I am. Let's have that "bare-faced" look at the me I see in the mirror, so I can begin to reconcile it with the me it feels like from the inside." In my head, I nicknames Linda's shoot, "the bare-faced me" and the results were beautiful.

These were my 9 favourite images from Linda's shoot but after today I realised I had so many more than 9!

The Your Face, Your Story Project 2024 is currently filled.

I look forward to sharing the faces and stories of 40 fabulous women over 40 in the coming months.

I would imagine that the Your Face, Your Story Project 2025 will launch in May time next year. If you would like to be updated on this project please email me at


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