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Lost to be found

Picture Poetry by Lara Flanagan

Lost to be found.

I had a lovely lady who came into the store today and was reading one of my wooden poetry rounds that includes the line "get lost under the big blue sky" and she said how lovely that line was. She added that it made her think that sometimes you need to get lost to be found. Finally, she said that my little shop made her think of that line, that you could get lost in it, then found. It made me get a bit weepy. I am the most terrible sook.

After she left I kept thinking about getting lost to be found. It made me think a little bit of me. And Tenterfield. And my happy place my little place of work. So often I have been lost. But I am found now. And I am so grateful.

Lost to be found.

Sometimes, you must get lost

to be found,

to gaze at the stars

to feel the ground.

Sometimes, you must break

to become whole,

to feel yourself drowning

to find the light within your soul.

Sometimes you need to be blind

to be able to see,

to take the risk of falling

to be really free.

Get lost to be found.

Look up to see the ground.

Break to be whole.

Let light fill your soul.

Be in darkness so you can see.

Allow yourself to fall to be free.

Lost to be found.

This is part of my printable poetry collection.

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