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Mike, a Water Warrior

A portrait of a man

Mike, a Water Warrior


In Mike’s words:


"My Feet To Water"

As soon as I spied an expanse of water that was my expression. Water and I were partners from an early stage.


My parents gave up and took my swimmers every time, every day, regardless of the season.

It still makes me feel great, especially natural expanses such as the ocean and rivers but the pool gets me going with laps. Plus now there is the kayak where I can lose myself on the dam, river, or beach. A mix of kayak, surfing, and swimming is my place of heaven, and 'feet to water" still works.”


The Water Warrior Project is a joint project of inspiration between Amanda, Metaqua Instructor from @swimminginthefield, and Lara Flanagan, Photographer from My Notes From Gallery, Studio & Store.

Portrait of man in the pool

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