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Mint & Lemon Frappe

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Day 15 of 30 recipes in 30 days

Well, I am halfway through my challenge and for some reason, it is taking me down memory lane.  I woke in the wee hours this morning with the most vivid memories of Tiney during our London days.   Tiney managed a bar in the Financial District of London and she was a maestro at it.  I am sure that the stockbrokers of London had never been told to snap out of it and been hit over the shoulders with a wet stinky tea-towel because they were crying to their Aussie bar-maid that their bonus that quarter was only 30,000 pounds.  She had a way with her she did.  I must admit I could not have done it as I found the clientele high maintenance, but I did love the staff drinks which I could partake in.

If the stocktake that month was as it should be, the staff got extraordinarily cheap drinks, I am talking two quid for a bottle of Rioja and a quid or two for a vodka.  If the stocktake was not as it should be, then Tiney would allow me to bring in a bottle of vodka which she kept behind the bar.  I can remember some truly wild evenings in that bar.  Often, I would pop in on the way home from work, which was very much a London thing to do, and on occasion, I had little desire to be targeted by the drunken banker wankers, so I would take a book and Tiney would tell her customers that her sister was a deaf-mute.   

She would occasionally come over and do some elaborate sign language moves which made her look like she was doing some sort of robot dance and plonk down a pretty lethal succession of Mint Caipirinhas which with all intense purposes would eventually render me speechless anyway.

Then the memory of muddled lime and mint took me to our Paddington days in Brisbane when Paddington was not quite Paddington and our favourite place was this dodgy little breakfast café that we would go to.  It could only sit about 12 people and we considered it our place.  We would have mega omelettes and my drink of choice was a Lemon and Mint Frappe.  I can’t remember the last time I had a Lemon and Mint Frappe.   Such lovely memories, that I suspect leaked out onto my face and when I finally got out of bed for our morning walk I could not get the taste of a Lemon and Mint Frappe out of my head.  Possibly a good thing as if I was craving a Mint Caipirinha at 5.40am in the morning, I would think that that was inappropriate.

Despite my black thumb, my lemon tree continues to thrive although the lemons are a little smaller and pithier this year.  I also seem to be able to grow mint, even in winter and I have visions of it taking over my lawn.  So, this afternoon I used my memories, my mint and my lemons and made the most delicious lemon and mint frappe.  It was super easy and I think when the heat returns it will be the perfect concoction to add a splash of vodka to and have a chat with the stars.

Beautiful stainless steel straws from Tenterfield Health.

Lemon and Mint Frappe

Makes: Serving for one

½ cup lemon juice

¾ cup cold water

¼ cup of fresh mint

¼ cup caster sugar

Cup of ice

Blend the lemon juice, cold water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved

Add the mint and blend

Add the ice and blend until an icy frappe texture is achieved

Serve and drink immediately

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