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My top 10 ways to start the way with something beautiful on the north side of town.

Covid-19 has changed our world. In an effort to be Pollyanna I am focussing on a positive side-effect of 2020 and the world-wide pandemic which is the interest in domestic travel in Australia.

I continue to receive lovely messages from wonderful people who are interested in visiting Tenterfield for the 1st time. Special love to everyone who wants to visit and give some time to regional Australia, especially my special part of the world. People are interested in where to stay, where to eat, things to do, and where my favourite places to take photos are. I shared my Bellevue Road Loop back in August - I genuinely can't believe how time has flown!

After the Bellevue Road Loop, I was not sure how to share my favourite spots. After much deliberation, I thought I would try to experiment with dividing Tenterfield into 4 and focussing on my favourite spots north, south, east, and west of Tenterfield!

In this article are ten of my favourite places towards the north side of town. I will try to share my other favourite places in the coming weeks or months that keep me returning all year round!

The time of day that I love most is the morning as I love the light and it is when I walk with Kevin and Rosie. I revisit my favourite places often during the year as places change according to the light and the season. In winter I get up at 5.45 am while in summer it tends to be a little earlier. If the sky is spectacular or if there is a mist or a light I love, I take photographs before my walk. Generally, though, I look for something beautiful just before 7 am.

Obviously, within Australia, there are restrictions that we need to abide by. Whether they be border restrictions, social distancing, or recommendations to avoid certain hot spots. Our back-yards are beautiful, but remember to stay safe and not put anyone else in jeopardy by actions that go against any current recommendations or restrictions. Please also respect private property. All these spots can be viewed from a main public road so no Dora the Explorer license is required!

If you are visiting Tenterfield or just rediscovering your own backyard, I hope you enjoy these lovely places that you can find just north of my beautiful Tenterfield.

#1 - Rotary Park Creekside Walkway

When wanting to meander on the northern side of Tenterfield, Rotary Park is a great place to start. It is located off Rouse Street / the New England Highway, just behind the public swimming pool. It is also home to the Tenterfield weather rock. The reason I love this spot is because of the ancient poplar trees that line the beginning of the creekside walkway. A misty morning turns these graceful old trees into ghostly sentinels. This is also one of the first places in Tenterfield that tends to show the colours of autumn.

#2 - Naas Street

You can walk to Naas Street from Rotary Park as it basically just over the street. Naas Street is known for its autumn colours but I also think it is particularly pretty in summer. It is during summer where you can look up Naas Street and be in awe of the green canopy of leaves that provide a shady haven. The colours in Naas Street tend to reveal themselves later in the season. That is one of the beauties of Tenterfield in that we get a long autumn season as different places reveal their autumn brilliance at staggered intervals throughout the season. This little corner of Naas Street is also possibly the best place to experience the thrill of crunchy autumn leaves and to snag a photo opportunity of throwing leaves in the air.

#3 - Millbrook Park

After admiring Naas Street, you will already be at Millbrook Park which is the park located along this lovely street. It is home to landscaped gardens with four different avenues that meet in a small central garden area. I think Milbrook Park comes into its own during autumn and spring as the array of colours is truly magical. Millbrook Park is also a place that I photograph at other times of the day apart from the morning. It is such a special place.

#4 - New England Highway, just past Pelham Street

After Millbrook Park, get back into your car and continue heading north along the New England Highway. You want to continue going past the speed camera and cross over the Pelham Street intersection. It is just past Pelham Street where the New England Highway is at its most beautiful. It is obvious that this little stretch is at its most beautiful when the autumn colours are at their peak. However, my favourite time to take photos of this part of the world is in the early morning when Tenterfield is hidden by a heavy mist. I love this part of the New England Highway, as the first time I visited Tenterfield there was a late dusk mist. I can remember driving along this very stretch of road, thinking that it reminded me of a world of 'once upon a time' and that I could live here one day.

#5 - Country Scene, New England Highway

Follow the New England Highway, until you pass the street that goes to the Industrial Area on the left, continue around the bend and you will find this beautiful scene just on the right. I have photographed this scene countless times and it is different every time. It is particularly beautiful on misty mornings. I drive past this place many times during the week and find that in the bright light of day, it does not have the same appeal. So it is definitely a place to visit in the early mornings.

#6 - Pelham Street

After you have enjoyed the country scene find a safe place to do a u-turn and return along the New England Highway. I always find that revisiting places from a different angle gives you another perspective so you might find another reason to stop along the New England Highway. Turn left into Pelham Street, which is the first street you will come to. From Drummond Street to the Golf Club you will find countless places to stop, admire, and to take photos.

#7 - Tenterfield Station, Rouse Street

Continue along Pelham Street, past the Golf Club and turn right into Old Ballandean Road, then continue along this road and turn right into Rouse Street. Almost immediately you will see the old Tenterfield Station on your right. Originally this was the home of the Walker family and it was where Banjo Paterson and Alice Emily Walker celebrated their wedding reception. It is private property so you are unable to wander but you can admire it from the road. On your left is this lovely relic from the days of when Tenterfield Station was a huge going concern. This is most lovely when you have dramatic morning skies.

#8 - The Broken Windmill, Rouse Street

Just next to Tenterfield Station, you will find a grand old barn and a broken windmill. This is possibly one of my favourite places to take early morning photos. This lovely part of the world is a reminder for me that just because you are broken, does not mean you are not beautiful. This was taken on a frosty winter morning, but this particular spot is beautiful at any time of the day and during any season.

#9 - Washpool Creek Bridge, Mt Lindesay Road

From the broken windmill, continue along Rouse Street, and turn left into Naas Street, then left into Logan Street which becomes Mt Lindesay Road. The Washpool Creek Bridge is about a ten minutes drive and you will find this lovely spot just past Black Swamp Road. This is such a wonderful spot in autumn and it tends to be one of the first places to reveal the magic of autumn colours. Washpool Creek Bridge might be at its most beautiful on colourful autumn days but I secretly adore the bridge crossing on frosty winter mornings.

#10 - The Lone Tree, Boundary Road

Once again find a safe place to do a u-turn and head back towards Tenterfield. Turn left into Boundary Road and just before the Tenterfield Saleyards, on the rightm you will find the lone tree. I am fascinated by this tree as I am sure it has a million stories to tell. I love it when the skies are a little moody.

That is my top 10 (for the moment), to the north of Tenterfield. Along this route there are too many places to mention where you can stop and absorb the beauty of this magical place Tenterfield, that I am lucky enough to call home. If you are craving more, continue along Boundary Road and pick up the Bellevue Loop Road circuit!

Thank you for joining me on this little wander around a few of my favourite morning places where I #startthedaywithsomethingbeautiful and I look forward to heading south, east or west with you soon!

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