• Lara Flanagan


This is one of the easiest salads to make and the dressing is divine. Every few weeks or so I make a big batch for the kids so they can have slaw sandwiches for lunch. This batch also generally makes enough for dinner one night.

Pear Slaw

½ red cabbage – thinly sliced

½ white cabbage – thinly sliced

2 large firm green pears – cored and cut into matchsticks


½ cup apple cider vinegar

4 tablespooons Dijon mustard

4 tablespoons maple syrup

1 cup olive oil

1 cup cashews – soaked at least 4 hours

Salt and pepper

Combine cabbages and pears in large bowl

Blend all dressing ingredients until ultra smooth.

Toss all slaw ingredients until coated with dressing.

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