• Lara Flanagan

Pesto Pasta

Archie, Rissie and I are a little obsessed with this pesto pasta at present. It is such an easy dish to make and it tastes divine! A wonderful dish to share with loved ones on a feasting table or on a picnic rug in the sun.

Pesto Pasta

Serves 4 people


½ cup hemp seeds

1 cup raw pistachios

¼ cup pinenuts

2 cups fresh basil

½ cup nutritional yeast

2 ½ tablespoons lemon juice

Salt to taste

At least ¾ cup olive oil

Pesto Pasta:

500 gram pasta


2 punnets cherry tomatoes

¼ cup toasted pinenuts & basil for garnish

Basil for garnish.

1. Add all ingredients for pesto to a food processor and process until smooth.

2. Taste and adjust accordingly.

3. Cook pasta in pot of boiling water and halve cherry tomatoes.

4. Toast pinenuts

5. When pasta is cooked, drain pasta keeping 1 cup of the pasta water.

6. Put pasta, pesto and half of the pasta water to loosen pesto and combine with wooden spoon.

7. Add more pasta water if needed.

8. Add halved tomatoes and gently combine.

9. Put on serving platter, garnish with pinenuts and basil.

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