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Playa Bejuco beach shack booked

Updated: Feb 26, 2020


I have just booked a beach shack for our first month in Costa-Rica. It is located in Playa Bejuco.  Playa is the Spanish word for beach.  I have another Spanish word in my vocabulary now which reminds me that the kids and I should really be growing our Spanish & Italian vocabularies. Our little Bejuco Beach House is located in Esterillos in the Puntarenas region of Costa Rica. I am not in a position to articulate what any of those things mean because at this stage I genuinely have no idea.  

My friend Strach in the States thought it was a good idea to check with the owner before I booked as to whether a bus would get me there from San Jose and to neighbouring towns as it looked quite remote so I dutifully did that. All we need to do is catch a bus from the ‘Coke a Cola’ Bus Station in San Jose and get off at Jaco Beach about 2 hours later.  Then we need to get on another bus (Route 54) and travel around 15 more miles and when the bus drops us off at the road to the beach we just need to walk ¾ mile to our house.  Sounds easy enough – then we can catch the same bus if wanting to go to town or wanting to head to the little town 5 miles south.  There is also a little store on the beach that has all the essentials and a small Soda and two restaurants.

I took no notice of the Soda as I am not a big soft-drink consumer until I found out what a ‘Soda’ actually is.   A ‘Soda’ is what Costa Ricans call restaurants that are usually open space, quite small and serve typical local food.  Most of them hang a Pepsi or Coke sign outside – they are where to go if you want to eat where the locals eat.  So my little house is looking less and less remote – it has a bus route – albeit ¾ of a mile walk away, a Soda which is perfect for me as I want to try the local cuisine so I can learn to cook it and share some amazing recipes and a little grocery store.  As I have to work and the kids have school the only thing we have to have wherever we stay is the internet, and our beach shack has that so we have all that we need.  We can also walk out the front door straight through some palm trees and onto the beach.

I was having a little panic attack about having no plans and winging it for 12 months. But I am feeling a bit better now. The States is fine as I have my little home with my American family where the kids and I can do all our travel teething in safe and friendly surrounds. But Costa Rica was stressing me out.  People kept asking me why I was going to Costa Rica and I was starting to begin to think that I had absolutely no fucking idea. I wanted to include a Central / Latin American destination in our travels.  I wanted to go somewhere with a new cuisine and language for me to learn and I wanted to go somewhere that challenged me somewhat whilst remaining safe with 2 x 8 year olds. Costa Rica ended up being the country of choice.

But the idea of arriving in San Jose or Liberia with no plans and no destination with Archie and Rissie was making me break out in a cold sweat of dread every morning at around 3am.  So armed with my list of budget friendly accommodation websites I spent a few hours searching and found this little house with the ocean on one side and the jungle on the other and a local Soda.  I never knew I wanted a Soda so bad.  But I am so happy I have a Soda.

Then I figure that we have a month to learn some Spanish, to start saying Pura Vida a lot (Spanish version of no worries) and to be in a position of Costa Rican strength to sort out the next two months.  I have also promised myself that I will stop worrying about Italy and Thailand until later in the year as I want to be open to whatever opportunities might arise during our travels in the first six months.

Another decision I made was that of going to Costa Rica a month early.  So we shall spend 2 months in the States, 3 months in Costa Rica, 1 month in the States before flying to Europe.  This decision was inspired by budget (Costa Rica is a lot cheaper in the off-season and half of our time will now be in the off-season – accommodation costs in high season were starting to freak me out). By seasons (the kids were looking up temperatures and I have been gently reminded that it will be winter in Italy so we will have a month in the States to get ready for winter). By Christmas (I thought it would be lovely to be back in the States to be with my friends and to give the kids the chance of a white Christmas).

So it has been a big couple of days.  There has been a minor adjustment in our itinerary, we have a remote little beach and jungle home for our first month in Costa Rica and from here on in I am going to stop worrying and stressing and now focus on savings and getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime and being open to just letting things happen.

Pura Vida.  No worries.

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