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Portraits allow you to look at yourself in a different sense

Portrait of a man. Male Headshot.

Portraits allow you to look at yourself in a different sense.

I have been working on my ability to articulate why I am in love with portrait photography. I am getting asked the question quite often, which is fair enough as I am more known for my roads, sunrises, and windmills. I am also someone who has been incredibly averse to the idea of taking photos of people. I think my aversion was more linked to fear and lack of know-how than anything.

Over the years though, I have gradually been steering in the direction of “people photography’ and it was my daily project #1157 days that I started last November that really lit a fire in my belly.

As I watch Archie and Rissie growing older and beginning to forge their own paths, it has become so important to me to capture moments and for those moments to include me. I used to hate photographs, but now I want to be in them. I want to be seen. I want to look back when I am an eccentric camera toting 90-year-old and say, “wasn’t I fabulous”. I want Archie and Rissie to look back on photos, and say, “oh my, didn’t we have a wonderful life.”

I think everyone should want that. To have a beautiful record of their place in the world.

I received this lovely text from Al this morning. Just like Tiney, he is one of my biggest cheerleaders and he gets me. It also helped me further articulate why I adore portraiture so much.

“Hey Lou Lou, Well yesterday I was working with *** and I was talking about my experience of having photos done and I showered her your website and she was so blown away by your work. She loved it. And I read what you wrote about your work and….. absolutely stunning…. bought a tear up. I like all of it Lou.

I have never paid much attention to my face or features in a way like I have with this and I really felt I was looking at me in a different sense. Usually I brush over photos of me and I wonder why? Shame or embarrassment I don’t know but usually I feel both. So I felt the process has shifted a part of me. Thank you. You are doing something gentle, natural, loving and giving with your awesome gift.”

That’s why I love portraits. They make you look at yourself in a different sense.

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