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Salad – anything goes!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

When you are trying to be healthy the worst thing I think you can do is forget about flavour.  As I am obsessed with taste, I must have food that is delicious.  I think about food morning, noon and night.    I think I have tried every single diet under the sun in my quest to be as svelte as Audrey Hepburn.  I gave up a long time ago when I realised that I was stuck with my boobs and bum and will always hover around the curvaceous rather than the svelte.  It is no fun being svelte anyway.   It is boring.

I would rather be ample and well fed than thin and starved and cranky.  I love salads.  My rule book for salads is anything goes.  Whatever you fancy, throw it in.  If you have ingredients you like, and a good dressing then you can usually create something that is delicious.  I have one very fussy eater and one eater who will consume anything.  I find a good dressing makes even my fussy eater consume vegetables that she would normally screw her elegant little nose at.

Whatever is in the season, whatever you fancy.  I usually start with some sort of greens on the bottom then top it with cooked vegetables of description (think sweet potatoes, pumpkin or corn).  Then add some fillers like Spanish onion, tomatoes and cucumber.  Don’t forget some avocado for oodles of good fat.  Then include a couple of luxury ingredients like Pomegranate Seeds or Cashew Nuts.  I always include at least one other fruit too for sweetness.  Then top it off with my Flax Oil Dressing and you have a meal that does not remotely resemble health food.  With salad – anything goes!

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