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Sara, celebrating 57 years

9 up portrait images

Sara, celebrating 57 fabulous years with the Your Face, Your Story Project.

Sara and I caught up today via zoom for her post-shoot meeting so I could deliver her shoot gallery to her. Sara and I first met online after I purchased a copy of her first book, The Sunbird which speaks beautifully of the Palestinian experience. Sara was launching The Sunbird, so I was delighted when she decided to visit Tenterfield to participate in The Your Face, Your Story Project. It was also the perfect opportunity to take advantage of her visit and include a book evening at my little gallery and store.

Sara is the 4th amazing woman to have completed her project shoot in the studio and at two of my favourite locations in Tenterfield. These are 9 images from her shoot though I found it almost impossible to pick a favourite.

The Your Face, Your Story Project is my way of challenging the stereotypes of ageing. A revolution of sorts and my way of being part of incredible women celebrating themselves just the way they are.

Thus far I have met 24 women and had 4 shoots. Meeting these women and spending time with them during their shoots has become a favourite part of my working week.

If you are interested in the project, I have 2 spots remaining!

Full project details can be found at and you can email me at


Beauty, hope, joy, & inspiration.

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