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Sue, celebrating 56 fabulous years

Portrait of a woman

Sue, celebrating 56 fabulous years with the Your Face, Your Story Project.


Sue and her husband Stephen recently made the life-changing decision to sell up on the Sunshine Coast and move to a beautiful property just outside of Tenterfield. I first met Sue when she asked me to take photographs of their beautiful property. I loved talking to Sue who said they had looked at their life and realised things can change in an instant. She is also embracing the philosophy of not sweating the small stuff anymore. About her age Sue is comfortable and relaxed and she looks forward to enjoying time with Stephen, working on their garden and soaking up their lovely surroundings. She is also excited about getting involved in the local arts and crafts scene and meeting new people.


When I asked Sue what the Your Face, Your Story Project meant to her she replied, “It allows me to express myself and share in a wonderfully important project for women, not just the over 40’s. I hope that younger women feel empowered to follow their dreams and passions but following the stories of everyday people.”


The Your Face, Your Story Project is all about celebrating the lives of women over 40 and challenging the stereotypes of women and ageing.


Be part of the revolution! I am looking for 40 women over 40 to be part of this project.

Please contact me if you are interested. This is turning out to be such a joyful project.


If you want to learn more about this project, please email me at

All details can be found on my website:

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