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Sweet 16 birthday photo shoot!

Sweet 16 birthday photo shoot!

I am starting to realise that it is easier for me to show people my ideas rather than to talk about them! When I mentioned to someone recently about how I had the idea of birthday photo shoots they told me they had no idea what I meant.

Archie and Rissie turned 16 this week so it was the perfect opportunity to have a play in the studio and work together on creating a 16th birthday photo shoot celebration!

Life is short, take the photo, & celebrate the moments.

Happy 16th birthday to my fabulous twins!

Thank you to Amy from @bestwishes.tenterfield for the fabulous balloons and bunting. It is lovely to see another wonderful owner-operated business in downtown Tenterfield.

Sweet 16 birthday photo shoot

Sweet 16 birthday photo shoot

Sweet birthday photo shoot shoot

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